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Avagree Collects Over 250 Different Data Points For Each Carrier, Every 24 Hours

Every day, we check for changes in carrier information and store the changed attributes. We also get new carrier registrations (applicants) two minutes after application and 3 - 5 days faster than any other service - and are able to get a company official name, phone and email address the same day they apply for authority. No other service matches the speed and accuracy of our data. Period.

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Contacts & Decision Makers
Contacts & Decision Makers
Company Official Name Company Official Phone Company Official Email UCR Representative
Registered Contact Name Registered Contact Phone Registered Contact Fax
Legal Name DBA Name DOT Number Docket Number
EntityType Total Inspections Driver Inspections Driver OOS Inspections
Driver OOS Percentage Vehicle Inspections Vehicle OOS Inspections Vehicle OOS Percentage
CA Driver OOS Percentage CA Vehicle OOS Percentage CA Driver Inspections CA Crash Total
CA Vehicle Inspections CA Crash Injury CA Vehicle OOS Inspections CA Crash Towaway
CA Crash Fatal CA Total Inspections CA Driver OOS Inspections Hazmat OOS Percentage
US Crash Fatal US Crash Towaway IEP Inspections IEP OOS Percentage
Safety Rating Safety Rating Date Power Units Drivers
MCS-150 Date MCS-150 Mileage MCS-150 Mileage Year Carrier Operation
Address Street City State
Zip Mailing Address Mailing Street Mailing City
Mailing State Mailing Zip Phone/Fax Safety Review Type
Safety Review Date OOS Date Operating Status Operation Classification Fed Govt
Operation Classification State Govt Operation Classification Priv Pass Non Business Operation Classification Private Property Operation Classification Exempt for Hire
Operation Classification Auth for Hire Operation Classification US Mail Operation Classification Migrant Operation Classification Priv Pass Business
Operation Classification Indian Nation Operation Classification Local Govt Cargo Carried Water Well Cargo Carried Agricultural Farm Supplies
Cargo Carried Beverages Cargo Carried Motor Vehicles Cargo Carried Commodities Dry Bulk Cargo Carried Refrigerated Food
Cargo Carried US Mail Cargo Carried Paper Products Cargo Carried Construction Cargo Carried Metal Sheets Coils Rolls
Cargo Carried Utilities Cargo Carried Intermodal Cont Cargo Carried Coal Coke Cargo Carried Passengers
Cargo Carried Liquids Gases Cargo Carried Fresh Produce Cargo Carried Grain Feed Hay Cargo Carried Livestock
Cargo Carried Oilfield Equipment Cargo Carried Meat Cargo Carried Chemicals Cargo Carried Building Materials
Cargo Carried Logs Poles Beams Lumber Cargo Carried Drive Towaway Cargo Carried Household Goods Cargo Carried General Freight
Cargo Carried Garbage Refuse Cargo Carried Machinery Large Objects Cargo Carried Mobile Homes Carrier Operation Instrastate Only Non HM
Carrier Operation Interstate Carrier Operation Instrastate Only HM DUNS Number
Licensing & Insurance
Licensing & Insurance
Common Authority Status Contract Authority Status Broker Authority Status
Common Application Pending Contract Application Pending Broker Application Pending
Common Authority Status Date Contract Authority Status Date Broker Authority Status Date
BIPD Insurance on File Cargo Insurance on File Bond Insurance on File
BIPD Insurance Required Cargo Insurance Required Bond Insurance Required
File Date Undeliverable Mail Hazmat
Personal Cargo Property Passenger
Household Goods Private Enterprise
BOC-3 Blanket Company
Authority History
Disposition Disposition Date Action Action Date Type
Insurance (Active and History)
BIPD Required BIPD On File Cargo Required Cargo On File
Bond Required Bond On File Insurance Type Insurer Name
Policy Number Posted Date Effective Date Policy Amount From
Policy Amount To Insurer
SMS Inspections
SMS Inspections
Report Number Legal name Address Report State
Report Date Start Time End Time Level
Facility Post Crash Inspection Hazmat Placard Required
SMS Violations
SMS Violations
Report Number Violation Code Section Unit
OOS Description Included in SMS BASIC
Reason Not in SMS DOT Number
SMS Crashes
SMS Crashes
Report Number Legal Name Address State Census Number
Number of Fatalities Number of Injuries Towaway Number of Vehicles in Crash
Crash Determination Location City County
Crash State Report State Reporting Agency Officer Badge Number
Federally Recordable State Recoordable Roadway Tafficway Weather Condition
Road Access Control Light Condition Road Surface Condition Driver Age
Citation Issued License State Valid License VIN
Plate Number Plate State Hazmat Placards Release of Cargo
Vehicle Configuration Cargo Body Type Gross Vehicle Weight Range
SMS Vehicles
SMS Vehicles
Report Number VIN Unit Type
Make Plate State Plate Number
SMS Vehicles Owned & Leased
SMS Vehicles Owned & Leased
DOT Number Type Term Leased Owned Trip Leased
VIN Details
VIN Details
Manufacturer Gross Vehicle Weight Make Series Type
Model Engine Model Model Year Drive Type
UCR Details
UCR Details
DOT Number Docket Number Legal Name Fee Receipt
Expiration Phone State Business Address Mailing Address
Classification Transaction Type Vehicles Certified By Fee Paid
Amount Convenience Fee Date PLN

No Matter How You Currently Consume Data, We Have a Solution Ready for You

Here at Avagree, we understand that not all businesses operate the same way. With that in mind, we have multiple ways for you to consume our transporation data. Our goal is to make things as easy as possible for you to be productive and get the most out of the data.

Data Feeds

Get a daily list of carriers in a CSV file delivered directly to your inbox. You decide what types of carriers to target, and we'll deliver them to you every day.

See all data & filters available

Build Your Own Lists

At FreightConnect, you can run ad-hoc reports on carriers with over 82 different filters. You get unlimited CSV exporting and searching, plus a bunch of other features.

More about FreightConnect

Custom Integrations

Already use Salesforce or some other CRM - including in-house systems? We can connect to your programs and send data directly into your system, seamlessly.

Let's talk integration

Custom Cloud Solutions

Depending on your needs, you may be in a position to need more than a data feed or access to filters. Our team will partner with your company - learning the in's and out's of what you do, helping you to create tools and workflows that increase your productivity.

For the last 15 years, Avagree has been writing custom software for all sorts of companies and industries. Leveraging cloud computing, we are able to keep your costs down while performing highly efficient tasks.

Whether you need a CRM to track sales efforts and activity, or you need a full ERP system, we can work with you to accomplish your goals.

We Are Your Trusted Partner, Not Just a Service Provider

We truly believe that the best and most efficient systems are built around your company, not the other way around.

Unlike many other services out there that try and fit you into their box, we don't believe in the philosophy. A truly efficient company optimizes their workflow and processes, not changes the way they do things to accommodate a tool. We work directly with our partners to understand their goals, and help solve problems through technology.

Like many businesses, large and small, it takes a tremendous amount of effort to coordinate and transfer information back and forth between departments. As orders, transactions and sales efforts continue to be exchanged by different departments, many companies experience a loss in productivity and even financial losses. Building tools, refining processes, and reducing the need for multiple systems can help you cut out a lot of your ineffeciencies.

Because we understand that no two businesses are alike, we specialize in providing custom tailored solutions that scale to fit your needs now, as well as into the future. We don't like to over engineer things as it takes more time, adds complexity, and frankly is almost never fully utilized.

When partnered together, we'll work with you to become experts in your industry. Over the last 15 years, we've worked with many different companies and industries - which means we're confident to be able to understand your business and needs.

You'll only be introduced to solutions that fit the need of your business. Our attitude is that we "use the right tool for the job" any time we interact with companies. We aren't out to make a buck, we are looking for long-term partners.

Interested in Learning More About Our Process?

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Over the last six months, I have been using FreightConnect as a supplementary service for finding qualified carrier leads. In the first month alone, I was able to increase my sales by over 25% with their web based system. While our company does have an extensive database of leads, FreightConnect is able to generate new opportunities every day and is one of my biggest competitive advantages over other salespeople at Fleetmatics. FreightConnect is a part of my daily workflow and I heavily guard it from competing salespeople in my office.

Not only has FreightConnect been able to help me increase my sales, but they have provided me with excellent customer service and improvements along the way. From the beginning, FreightConnect has treated me like I matter – like an actual person. My questions are answered promptly. They listen to my needs and get to know my business. They continue to look for opportunities on my behalf. They have even added features that I asked for. At the time of writing, they are working with me to provide a custom solution that fits my exact needs.

In the competitive arena of GPS Tracking sales, I have become to rely on FreightConnect as my secret weapon.

Raj Venkatasamy
Regional Sales Manager


In today's Transportation environment, hiring one carrier with sub-par credentials can spell disaster. It is critical to have an efficient system to check credentials and quickly qualify potential carrier partners with a way to monitor your list of carriers for future violations automatically and on a daily basis.

My Logistics team has tried just about every popular carrier monitoring service available. We find FreightConnect to be the easiest, quickest, most accurate and least expensive of all the available services. My team has dramatically improved our carrier qualification process by using FreightConnect, freeing up time to do what is important, which is to find and book trucks. We now have the most up-to-date carrier safety information available at our fingertips and we are saving hundreds in the process.

Brett Robinson
Director of Logistics


TAFS has had the opportunity to work with FreightConnect over the past few months and are extremely pleased with the level of service provided by their company. FreightConnect is quick to respond to questions and are always looking to find the fastest solution possible. The professionalism and courteousness Denton Ward from FreightConnect provides has been one of the main reasons we chose their company to provide us services. They continue to be innovative in regards to their services which is what TAFS looks for in a company.

Jaime Heredia
Director of Sales

FreightConnect has been a major part of our business since we started subscribing to their monthly plan. As a drug testing company who does a lot of DOT testing, finding these new DOT applicants is a great tool for prospecting new potential customers. Not only does FreightConnect find these prospects days sooner than any other service out there, but you have the ability to search and filter on a wider variety of filters, including email, power units, drivers, insurance effective date, application submitted date and much more.

Other drug testing companies would surely find use in FreightConnect's monitoring and prospecting service. Allowing them to expand business for a small monthly subscription plan. Not to mention their customer service is top notch, and are always available to help with unique business situations.

Lon Edwards

Porter Billing

Leads are a very important part of our business at Porter Billing Services. We have been using FreightConnect as our primary lead source for finding qualified carrier leads. What separates FreightConnect from other frequently used websites is the fast and daily updated information, along with top notch customer service. This allows companies like us to stay ahead of the competition. Within a week or two of using their system we were able to land two major deals and line up a few other potential customers, making the service easily pay for itself. FreightConnect has become a part of our daily work flow here at Porter Billing.

Not only has FreightConnect been able to help increase our sales, but they have provided us with excellent customer service and improvements along the way. From the beginning, FreightConnect has answered our questions promptly. They listen to my needs and get to know my business, in order to continue to look for opportunities on my behalf.

John Land
Owner, President

Ace Tools

Scouring the internet for leads is common routine here at Ace Tools. I have used a number of free services that provide general contact information for companies. After discovering FreightConnect I quickly realized that these free sources have outdated and incomplete information. Right after signing up for FreightConnect, I knew I struck gold. What separates FreightConnect from other commonly used websites is the quick and daily updated information. This allows users to stay ahead of the competition and accessibility to information months before it is available on the free sites.

Within my initial 7-day free trial, I was able to contact companies that were just getting started in the trucking business. With the new leads alone, I have been able to add 30 – 40 sales per month and increase my productivity by only calling these qualified new companies.

Since I started using FreightConnect, they have been in constant contact with me – helping me get more out of the system. They have been straight shooters from the start and have done everything they’ve promised they’d do for me, including support to help optimize my search/results.

Rafael Campos
Sales Associate

Alcorn Insurance

At Alcorn Insurance we find it imperative to establish a competitive advantage, and FreightConnect is our number one tool. FreightConnect updates their data faster than any other service out there, and can be contacted at any time to deal with unique questions/problems related to business. As an insurance company being able to sort and filter on fields such as effective date, power units, application submitted, mileage and many more, has become a staple of our day to day activities.

On top of the increase in business, FreightConnect has been able to help me learn how to get the most out of the system. As a prospecting service learning the little trick and filters to find the customers/prospects you are looking for is essential to staying ahead of the rest.

Chase Alcorn